Monday, August 9, 2010

You're Invited!

I am SO SO SO excited to bring this event out to the world! I've been brewing up the idea of a Small is Beautiful Arts Festival for a few weeks now, and on August 21st it will be the first of a monthly series that I'll carry out until Brian and I leave for our cross-country bicycle adventure in April.

What is Small is Beautiful exactly?? A space for artists of all varieties who are just beginning (or who simply want to be part of an incredible community) to come out to the world embracing their artist. To start where they are... Small. (But really much bigger than they could even imagine). Raw. Honest. Beautiful.

So. What does that mean for the attendee, the evening, the festival?!

~Painting, Photography & Mixed Media Exhibits!
~Music & Poetry Performances all night!
~Zine, Card, Craft, Jewelry & Art Vendors!
~Wine, wine, wine!!! (Cash bar)
~Too much goodness to hardly handle.


An explosion of creativity, love & incredibly supportive vibes.

There's still space for vendors, performers, and exhibitors. Contact me ASAP if you're interested! ( or 410-206-9052). More experienced artists welcome, too!

I cannot WAIT to see how this emerges. It's going to be beautiful, magical, and simply irresistible (in a tingly tummy kinda way... you know the way... the uber connected humans kinda way... the true blue joy kinda way... )

Come! Bring a friend! Bring CASH! (You know, to buy art & booze). Bring love! (We can always use more of it). 

And click Attending on Facebook if you plan on coming :)

xoxo... hope to see you there!


court said...

rach, that sounds so beautiful and lovely! just wanted to send my love and congrats on pushing forth with such an inspiring and fun event. have a great time!

Rachael Maddox said...

thanks, court. :) there are so many inspiring people out there... really excited to bring a handful of them into the same space at the same time!

Carole said...

Thanks for the invitation on Facebook, Rachael! I'm so excited for you and for this event -- just wish it was easy/affordable for me to hop on a plane and be there (poof!)! I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes. And by the way, if you are coming out to the LA area on your cross-country bike journey, let me know! We're out in Riverside, but maybe I could meet you somewhere in LA for coffee or lunch or something! :)