Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Believe in Your Power

What if...

you believed that whatever power you have right now is enough to make a real difference in the world?
you don't need to know how to begin in order to begin?
your fear is smaller than your divine purpose on earth?
you stopped holding on to stories that keep you small?
you're being held by something greater than you?--what if we all are?
you believed that perfection is overrated and you are enough?
you knew that there are no mistakes that will kill you?
you opened your heart to tenderness and forgiveness?
you decided that nothing matters more than choosing love over and over again?
you knew how much you have to give?

would you begin giving?

if you're here tonight feeling the profound need to step into your power--the power that knows, wholeheartedly, how much you have to give--know that you are not alone, sweet friend.

it's easy to forget and there are 1,000 things we could blame for our forgetting: the job we don't have, the pay we're not earning, the help we're not seeing, the system that's not supporting us, the sleep we're not getting. i see it. you're talking to an anti-oppression, anti-capitalist socialist over here. these things are true and there is plenty lacking. but amidst all that's lacking and all the ways we're made to believe that we are broken, hopeless victims to life, what if we believed that our race is stronger than that? that our spirits are fiercer and our souls wiser than believing the lie that we are powerless? what if we revolted, together, with tiny acts of courage in the name of hope, in the name of kindness, in the name of the kind of humanity we want to belong to?--a powerful, generous and loving one.

i'm asking myself these questions tonight and finding daring answers. are you with me? will you answer this first question, too?  

what if you believed that whatever power you have right now is enough to make a real difference in the world? what kind of difference would you make?

i really hope you share your answers with me. i've got something brewing that i'll share with you, too as soon as i can. i would love it if you let me know that i'm not in this process alone! remember, when you dare to take your power seriously, you can do powerful things. i'm so looking forward to revealing our power together!


Jeanie Witcraft said...

YES! THis is MY story too!! ROCK ON, soul sister! :)

(sorry, this was an absolutely useless comment, but I want you to know YOU ROCK)


Rachael Maddox said...

so not useless. you're awesome. thanks for commenting! :)

Lisa said...

MadLove back to you. I've just devoured all your 'start here' posts. Your writing is moving... your message is brilliant... your working on a book right? :)

I had to answer THIS one. I DO believe. And the difference I am making in this world is with girls/women teaching them self-defense through empowerment. My message is cut from the same cloth as yours....1. love yourself 2. Face your fears 3. Be positive change.

We all have a deep need to love and be loved. So many of us believe we are unworthy of it and that needs to change. It begins with souls as yourself, sharing what needs to be heard.

Your blog is a love letter to all hearts, crying out "this is not a breakup- do not abandon yourself"

I am deeply touched! Thank you for your words. Your message. Your Spirit.