Friday, February 17, 2012

Lessons from the Shop of Whole Self Living: A Birthday Poem & Untamed Giveaway

25 today. Sweet release after a morning bike ride to an awesome Bikram practice. So glad to be alive.

The Lessons That Learn You

Just as your birthday
rounds the sun once again
you're reminded
swiftly, lovingly
how young you really are
in your heart,
for better
and...for worse.

We are never wise,
We never evade the
sharp edge of our
We are always with
faulty parts--
always due in for a check-up
at the shop of
Whole Self Living.

There, they kiss our
parts amiss,
They shine our
shamed shadows,
They fuel our
tired tanks.

There, they reset our
barometer back to zero.
They do not judge
that it's been so long
since we visited last.

They know the art of true love,
the craft of untamed kindness.
They have that special touch,
the way to mend
even the biggest messes.

It seems like a secret--
hard to observe.
Maybe it's something in the air?

You ask how they do it--
how they hold all your parts together.
No, no. They answer. And they point up.

They'd tell you if you'd listen.
But that's not the way things work
at the shop of Whole Self Living.
You don't go there
if you can do it all yourself.

Instead they hang a sign above the door.
In crooked handwriting
on a weathered piece of plywood
it reads,

Rule #1: You are here.
Rule #2: Can you feel it?
Rule #3: Nothing is wrong. Nothing is right.

When people like you ask
questions you like to ask,
they point you to the sign, tenderly,
and smile.

You look up. Read. Wonder.
How did I end up here?
Just as you thought
you were beginning to have answers,
you're reminded
swiftly, lovingly
how young you really are.

And all these rules apply.

metro delays; who could stand at this hour?

Impermanence Abound
Everything Eventually Surrenders.
This is the only real truth I can live by.

Here's how I wanna celebrate the fact that I'm alive and kickin' it!~

For the first 25 people who e-mail me their name & mailing address, subject line BLESSING, a pouch of hand-written blessings, and a sweet morsel of delight will be sent your way.

For the first 5 people living in the DC area who e-mail me, subject line SOULFEST, free entry to a forthcoming off-the-charts incredible event is yours. (Suspend the need-to-know right now. Trust.)

For the 3 most committed people who e-mail me, subject line COACHING, a month of coaching (3 sessions) is yours, on the house. 'Cause I love what I do and have time to do more. (Honey--only ask for it if you really want it, please.)

Wild love and smokin' hot appreciation.
Humility abound,


teryll said...

Beautiful birthday poem and post! Celebrate well!

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