Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A toast for us all

Stunning, brilliant, impeccably produced.

Hey lovers,

I haven't been dancing a ton. Something in me broke after that last video and I got majorly sick for a whole week. The body responds, right? Letting it all be what it is, not stressing about "finishing" the dance-a-thon, but still open to more dances if the spirit moves me. Instead, I've watched this video at least 20 times in the past few days, drooling over what a beautifully produced and executed vision Kanye had.

Anything brilliant or breathtaking come your way lately? Do share. I'd love to watch.

PS--For the dance-a-thon, I'd really like to donate to an organization doing information-exposure about FOXCONN or other major factories in China. I wouldn't be able to produce my dance movies without those factories. And the conditions within them majorly suck--despite the arguments made about job creation for workers. We can demand better for the people providing us with the chance for such privileged exchange of information. Anyone know of a good org? I've been searching, but so far, little luck beyond Mike Daisey (who is seriously, majorly awesome, by the way... maybe I'll just donate to him?)

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