Friday, January 13, 2012


Dear hip-shakin', body-bustin' and/or barely-groovin' humans,

Thanks for even considering showing up here, in this way, for this... mysterious invitation.

Courage is the power to let go of the familiar. ~Raymond Lindquist

You're officially BRAVE.

The goal of this experiment is to embolden your bravery EVEN MORE. To invite your inner expressive diva OUT. To call you into a place of play and imperfection, grace and/or stumbling, poignant and/or uncontrollable [crazy, silly, off-beat, to-your-own-beat] body moves!


All that said, I'm not an expert dancer, nor am I an expert dance-a-thon facilitator. DANCING ALONE ON VIDEO IS UNFAMILIAR TERRITORY FOR ME. A bit... terrifying. In a good way.

Still, I want to play, I want to go out on a limb, I want to feel the aliveness of expanding my comfort zone. AND... I want playmates, peers, virtual dance partners! The kind of playmates who see this invitation and get butterflies in their stomachs, thinking, holy shit how did she know???

So if that's you, check out the video with the back story of how the idea came about, and a little instruction about where to go from here. Or skip below to the bullet-point details.

The Details, In Summary:
  • WHO: You, baby. You, me & anyone else who wants to play.
  • WHAT: A month-long, 12-song experiment in dancing. Choose your album. Choose your cause. And dance! -- For your body, your expression, your courage muscles. --And, for a cause, something you believe in, a movement you wanna support! Record yourself dancing. Share your expression with us.
  • WHERE: Your kitchen floor, blue bedroom, barren backyard, cool-shadowed shed. Get groovy in a place (or places!) that feel inspiring to you. Then share your experience in your virtual space! Link-love it up below! Tweet with the hashtag #deliciousdance.
  • WHEN: Jan 17, 2012 - Feb 17, 2012. I'll be posting my videos every TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. Film 'em when you want. I suggest spreading them out, dancing each song on a different day. Give yourself permission to do each song in one-take, letting this be a playful practice, not perfection. (Alas, the final decision on editing, or not, is yours! Incite your creative autonomy, and ultimately, do whatever makes you feel alive alive ALIVE.) ((Who knows... I might even break my own rules. It's been known to happen.)
  • WHY: To instigate your body's creative voice. To get your muscles & spirit moving, flexing and stretching at the start of 2012. To be vulnerable and beautiful in community. To play. To let it all OUT via the body. To cleanse. To celebrate our bodies and their wonderful, wondrous capacities!
I can't wait to see what comes of this... Link to your blog below if you plan on joining the grand-masta-experiment in delicious dancing!

For the nervous, intimidated, terrified but leaning in with intrigue:

There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good. -Edwin Denby

All I know is I'm feeling up for the task. If you're feeling motivated to explore this, too, feel free to join. I'll write about my experiences (surely), but won't necessarily be walking people through an emotional process. After all, this is an experiment for me, too! We can learn, explore, discover, uncover...together. Lots of love.


      susan said...

      fun! I am in:)

      Meg said...

      I find this idea completely the best possible way. I am IN.

      Leanna said...

      I accept the challenge!!! I'm so looking forward to it!

      Susan said...

      i wanna join in! can i do yoga instead of dancing?

      Susan said...
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      hali said...

      hi Rachael!!! I'm the SEADance lady! This is way cool, and I'm looking forward to hearing about your journey through it. It has me thinking... ♥

      Susan said...

      ok, i'm linked. i'll post my vids on youtube & my blog! yay, this should be fun:)

      Ria and Henry said...

      For you, Rach love! Happy V-day and b-day!!!!