Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Song 1 :: Dry Grass & Shadows

Friends! Partners-in-expression! Lovahs! ~

Here we have it... The first of many dances in the Delicious Body Dance-a-Thon! To the tune of "Dry Grass & Shadows" by Alela Diane. Track 1 on the album "To Be Still".

I'm having way more fun with this than I ever expected. Feeling expressed, creative, silly, serious, alive, satisfied.

A special, deep, resounding thanks goes out to Jen Lemen for being the ultimate "first follower"; for offering the best kind of creative support any dreamer could ever dream up. And for the constant, enthusiastic Okay! that is as valuable and necessary as water, as sleep, as sex. I love you.

And to Susan, Meg and Leanne for daring to PLAY ALONG! Truly, I cannot wait to see your beautiful expressions! Yes, Yes, YES!

It's not too late to join in. Just pick an album (or 12 songs) that speaks to you these days, turn up the jam & dance! (With the record button ON and a lil post-recording uploading, if you wanna go public). For full details on the experiment, check out the first post. If you decide to play along, be sure to comment / link your site on the magical widget so we can cheer you on!

to dancing & letting it all out,
xo, rach


Megan Matthieson said...

wonderful! good for you!

Meg said...

I love this so much! I love the movement, the music, the focus, the warm, glowing lighting. I just...yeah. Awesome.

I'm so glad I can dance with you!