Thursday, January 12, 2012

EARTH RHYTHMS + Foresight :: 2012 is going to be EXPLOSIVE

I'm really f*cking excited for 2012. I've got so many projects and dreams to share with you, invite you into, experience the magic of with you. Like. REALLY.

Here's a lil sneak peak of what's in store that I can tell you about ::

is my theme for the year. It's inclusive, holistic, radical, simple, grounded, non-attached, and soulful. And... it moves. Aaaaahhhh! Just the word movement has me moaning in yeses of all shapes and sizes.

On January 17th I'll be launching a movement-based community project that is nothing short of DELICIOUS. It'll be yummy, voluntary, inspiring, touching and... fun. It'll last one month, ending on my 25th birthday (February 17th). More details coming to ya NEXT TUESDAY so check back in for the full [delectable] scoop!

Tomorrow I'll be launching a comprehensive outlook on my focal exploration for 2012: Personal, Community & Global Liberation. I'm diving into the questions What is Liberation? and What qualities, practices and structures support it? I'll be expanding my exploration beyond the written word and into the realm of interviews, photography, music and other expressive mediums. Fully vetted, people. That's my goal. (For some past posts on liberation go here and here.)

I'm off to a really exciting start with my coaching practice. Which thrills me. Because the whole idea of MadLove Coaching is to support incredible people fulfill their [bombtastic] visions for their lives and the world. My practice is totally aligned with my values of liberation, radical honesty, self-expression, intentionality, transformation and completely delicious living. And... I've recently come to realize and embrace that I get a total high from coaching. Good sign that I'm in the right field! Just today one of my clients told me that she can tell this is WAY more than just a job for me. Indeedy-do. It's so true.

A lot is still unknown. Most glaringly, the question of where we'll be living, and if we'll be moving mid-year. But what I'm working with so far is nothing short of exciting and inspiring. Imma let myself revel in what I got!

What's on your docket for 2012? What's one decision you could make that would move you closer to fulfilling your vision?

Here's to kick-starting 2012 with intention and a very alive heart.

Heeeee Haw Hidey HO!


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Thekla Richter said...

Yay for earth rhyhtms in 2012! May they reverberate within you and through you.

My theme is connect this year, and for me, drum and dance and voice are always part of everything I do... especially connecting.