Thursday, January 19, 2012

For Dreamers of All Varieties: An Anthem For Saying Yes

Say Yes.

Get up.
Drink up.
Join in.
Sink in. 

Move out.
Move on.
Sit close.
Stand tall.

Breathe full.
Rinse off. 
Speak free.
Start now.

Be it. 
The impossible you you've been waiting for.

Do it. 
That breath-taking task that's been waiting for you.

Know your body. 
Splice the difference between fear and excitement. 

Tell a new story--
That you are thrilled. 
That you are ready. 
That you are going to INSPIRE yourself today
 Just a little.
Just enough.

With one act. 
One step. 
One breath. 
With will.

With kindness.
With humilty.
With gratitude for this impeccable opportunity--
This unimaginable and true 

Say Yes.
We're ready for you.


megg said...

Whoop! This is fabulous - we are on the same page today - but you put it much better than me.


sian said...

thx. i needed this today!