Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dance 2 :: White as Diamonds

Here we have it, loves: dance numba two of the Delicious Body Dance-a-Thon. It's never too late to play along. Feel free :)

This time around, I invited half a party of friends to join in! ~ Thanks, cutie pies. I adore you and your moves.

I can already feel the way that doing more than just one song, but a whole album, will stretch me creatively and physically... spiritually, too. (It's challenging to do new moves to similar-sounding songs). ((My friends and I were chuckling at my recurring "left leg lift" move!)). I'm dancing for at least 20 minutes every day (to whatever song comes up on shuffle!). At this point, if I don't, I feel like screaming. You know how it goes. Right?!

To dancing it all out. And friends at parties that do silly things written on paper scrolls. :-D


leanna said...

You did some serious work to make it more than just a dance. This is a music video. Nice one! Yet to record my first, but it will come.

Susan said...

hello music video:) i'm loving these, keep 'em coming!