Wednesday, August 1, 2012

31 for 31 Special!!! A Poem A Day Give-away!

my excitement's a little bit like this right now... ahhhhhh!!!!

Loves!!! It's here! 31 for 31 has officially begun. I am SO EXCITED. I'm feeling blown away by the positive responses and rahrahrahing I've gotten over it... and I'm having one of those small moments of disbelief... Did I really call this in? Is it really manifesting as beautifully as I had hoped and worked for?!? Helllll yes.

Logistics: I'm half booked (eeek!), so you can still sign up for a session right here. I'd love to have you on my calendar. Truly, truly, YES. Just joining the conversation? I'm doing 31 coaching sessions in 31 days with 31 different people... feel free to read on.

In other news, I've got a little surprise & dare I call this a give-away!?

I'm taking the month of August as an opportunity to really hone my intuition and practice the skill of completely opening to what wants to come through me. (In coaching, creativity, and otherwise). To enhance this practice baby, I'm going to write 31 poems over the next 31 days... a poem a day... each poem for ONE PERSON'S EYES ONLY. (Unless I end up loving it enough to publish it... But initially, at least, if it's your day, it's your poem).

SO--you can sign up to be on the receiving line of this lovely little practice by e-mailing me at with the subject line POEM (in all caps). The first 31 people to shoot me a line will get a poem.

That's all I've got for now, cutie pies. May your August 1st be full of whatever you're really craving today. May your body guide you home. Hellll yeah!

love love love,

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