Thursday, October 25, 2012

End-of-the-Year MadLove: A Call to Artists and Rebels

Crazy sages, 

I've got some slots open in my coaching schedule, and I'd love it if these next few months especially, I could rock out with artists, rebels and visionaries. YES! 

The back story is I'll be doing NANOMO (or whatever it's called when everyone sits down and writes a novel in a month), and energetically, it would rock my world to be working with clients who are on a similar path. So...

I'm hot to work with people who are:
  • Coming into their artist selves, full force
  • Ready to express themselves like never before
  • Want their expression to be a whole-life experience, not just showing up on the page, canvas or stage
  • Hungry for breath-taking challenges
  • Itching to go over the top
  • Timidity and fear, be damned
**Note: You do NOT have to be a full-time artist-ish to sign on. You just have to desire amping your connection to your inner-expression. Boom.

I'll be channeling my wacky painting professor with the wispy white hair and icy blue eyes who walked in on the first day of class wearing a fur coat and clanking cowboy boots, and said:

"Do not place your canvas upon the easel to lay your paint strokes down unless you wildly believe that what you're about to create will set the world on fire."

Hint: YOUR world is the first world to lite up, brilliant being. Get yourself giddy as fuck: that's what we're going for. Let the magic pour from there.


One month of coaching (three 45 minute sessions, plus a half-hour Spark Sesh on da house) is $180 if you pay upfront, or $210 if you pay per session. 

Three months (eight 45 minute sessions, one 2 hour Discovery Session, and a half-hour Spark Sesh on da house) is $600 if you pay upfront, or $700 if you pay per session.

More on working with me right here, and some loving testimonies clients have offered up right here. Shoot me a line at if you're interested, and we'll get this party started! 


Also! A blog-ouncement:

I'll be hibernating my writing, leaving this baby bare of words for most of the month. Whatever it takes to protect the sanctity of the book, right? 

love love love!

rach-o-ween ;)

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