Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'll Say What I Mean Even If I Look Foolish

"Love is so rare that the more you can spread it the better."

"If you are loving in public it is thought to be obscene. How can love be obscene? But love is thought to be obscene! You have to hide it in darkness. You have to make love so nobody knows. You have to make it so silently, so stealthily...naturally you can't enjoy it much. And people don't become aware of what love is. Children, particularly, have no way of knowing what love is...
In a better world, with more understanding, love will be all over. Children will see what caring is. Children will see what joy it brings when you care for somebody.. Love should be accepted more, violence should be rejected more. Love should be available more. Two persons making love should not be worried that one one should know. They should laugh, they should sing, they should scream in joy, so that the whole neighborhood knows that somebody is being loving to somebody--somebody is making love."

"Love knows nothing of duty. Duty is a burden, a formality. Love is a joy, a sharing; love is informal."

--Osho, Love, Freedom, Aloneness

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