Thursday, November 14, 2013

Age & Meaning with Kate Swoboda :: Real talk on trust, depression, love and life in her 20's.

I love Kate Swoboda for so many reasons. Personally speaking, she was my first-ever life coach and helped me move mountains and mountains of ideas about self-worth, fear and courage. Our relationship has since deepened and evolved to a place of deep love and wild respect, and I'm honored to call Kate friend.

On a professional level, her work is generously robust and sharply focused on teaching people to access their inner-courage in tangible and effective ways. Check her out here:

I'm so excited to share with you her wisdom, radical truth-telling and thorough thought in this Age & Meaning interview.

Some topics we hit big on are:
  • Normalizing not knowing what the fuck you're doing
  • Course-correcting 
  • Depression, anxiety and anger
  • Getting curious about your pain
  • Aloneness vs. relationships
  • How to really learn all the lessons

All my deepest gratitude to you, Kate. And a big big love to all!

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