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Spirit Road, Take Us Home: 100 Animal Card Readings to Usher in the New Year!

Here's the simple (exciting!) fact: 
  • I'm committed to doing 100 animal card readings between December 1st and December 31st.
  • Translation: I'm out-of-my-seat thrilled to usher 100 people into the new year with a deep sense that there's something natural and gorgeous guiding them.

Hold the phone. What's an animal card reading?
  • I've got a beautiful, well-worn deck of cards--52 in total--each graced with an animal (like above... oh, Black Panther, and the moments you've come into my life...)
  • Each of these animals carries an innate and cultural wisdom. Profound truths that we each, at specific times in our lives, could benefit from hearing.
  • When we do a reading together, we fan the cards out upside-down and choose a handful that are meant for you in the moment.
  • The meant for you part is the magic part. 
  • I'm really good with magic. (Mega testimonies below!) 
  • I interpret the cards for you with love. And insight. And intuition. The kind that sends you honestly and quickly into your most profound next steps for a better you and a better world.

Curiosity piqued?... Magic can be like that! 

Included in each Spirit Road Animal Card Reading is...

  • A 30 minute reading of pure love elixir, over the phone. 
  • A beautiful photograph of your spread, and PDFs with my own interpretation of the power of your animals, e-mailed to you after your reading.
  • An outlook spread on where you've been, where you're heading, your challenges and hidden strengths, and what you can trust deeply.
  • One specific animal to carry with you as your most trusted guide for the year of 2014.  

I could not feel more excited or ready to share the wisdom and transformational power of these animal medicines with you.

And because of that, I'm offering these readings for $28 a piece. A magic number, 4 times over. Buy one for yourself, or buy one for a friend or two... they'd make totally beautiful holiday gifts. You could be talking animal guides with your homies all year long! 

How this works, exactly? 
  • Simply click one of the purchase buttons above, and I'll e-mail you to set up a time for us to talk between December 1st and December 31st. 
  • If you're buying more than one reading, I'll ask in my e-mail to you who I should contact for their reading. I'll send them a fun lil-gift certificate and get them all set up.
  • I'll send you my numba, and you'll call me at our agreed upon time. 
  • International peeps can be arranged over Skype.
  • Flow!

Love from tha people!

Rachael is a woman with 
great gifts of inner sight and intuition.  She clearly "knows" the cards, and the cards know her.  Her readings shed an uncanny light on the spiritual journey, and clarify the inner landscape.  Whether you're looking for guidance on beginning your own trek, or aid in refinding your way on the path, I can't recommend her highly enough. -Dave Williams

Rachael's animal readings are a centering force. Before my reading, I remember my head swimming madly with thoughts, doubts, ideas, confusions, questions. Pulling the cards and talking about them with Rachael was like a breath of fresh, clarifying air.  -Marion Boulicault

As a reader myself, I have a lot of respect and admiration for Rachael's skill, loving nature and the compassion with which she delivers her messages. She has read for me numerous times, and after each experience I felt impressed and uplifted. Not only were her readings spot-on accurate, they were delivered with humility and an attitude of respect that encouraged me open up to receive the guidance being offered. During my readings with Rachael, I've found that she seems to be a master at helping me remember what I have forgotten about myself - or that which I might need to acknowledge. I feel that she carries with her a depth of intuition and understanding of the spirit realms and a wholehearted, sincere devotion to her clients success. For that I have much appreciation and gratitude. -Jenny Sammons, http://jennysammons.wordpress.com/

I've always loved card readings, but I had never had an Animal Card reading before I met with Rachael. The experience was nothing less than magical, and it had a profound affect on me. Because of the reading, I took immediate action on issues I had been stuck on, which led to large positive changes in my life. Rachael was the perfect guide to interpret the cards and gently direct me down the path I'd wanted to choose all along. -TW

I've pulled cards for myself, but never had someone else read for me. Rachael's radiant, gentle presence in the world made me trust her to do so. Our reading began with her warm welcome, calm and comforting, opening a space that hummed with possibility and intention. She showed up, was wholly present for the process, allowing whatever might arise, a kind guardian of what came, never getting in its way. As she interpreted the wisdom of the cards, Rachael made the most compassionate offering, shining a light on obstacles and opportunities alike, leaving me with a sense of clarity and peacefulness that has stayed with me. I felt encouraged and empowered by the new insights, and am grateful for the ease and joy Rachael brought to the experience. -Jill Salahub

Rachael’s intuitive process of choosing and interpreting animal medicine cards has convinced me of this powerful form of guidance. Though I was somewhat familiar with the cards, and had consulted some of the various meanings, I had never had a full reading by someone versed in them thoroughly. Each time I have had a reading by Rachael, she has drawn a card or several cards that connect with the core of something I am addressing. But beyond being able to draw the needed card, she is also tapped into the energy of the card and how it is being manifested in me, or how I need to manifest the energy of the animal medicine in order to move forward. I would highly recommend a card reading from Rachael to anyone open to connecting with a different way of knowing through accessing the power of the animal cards under Rachael’s guidance. -Maya Story

Within seconds of sitting with Rachael, I felt safe and seen. Her reading was completely aligned with where I was in my life, what I was wondering about, and the messages I'd been receiving elsewhere. Rachael gave me glimpse into my soul and illuminated just what I longed to see. -Anna Oginsky, www.heartconnectedhub.com

When Rachael did an animal card reading for me, I was wondering if I was pregnant or not.  Strangely enough I drew the card for the Bear, which is a symbol of gestation and nurturing.  I really felt peace after that about whatever the outcome would be.  She told me that even if I wasn't pregnant, that it could still be an indicator that I needed to nurture myself, and let some things gestate within me.  She was very loving and really made me feel cared for. -Christina Carnoy, www.society6.com/inara77

This was my first time receiving an animal card reading and it was illuminating! Rachael is a sculptor of words and a conduit for intuitive truths. I will be applying my reading (Dolphin & Frog - Breath & Water) as a new, more conscious daily practice, to my life. - Leah, http://photogram.ca/alifeserendipity

At SoulSisters, I had an card reading with Rachael whom I found to be intuitive and easy to connect with. Rachael's message was very much in alignment with what I needed to hear. Her insights encouraged me to turn inward and open up more to my spiritual self. I've been feeling a hunger for a deeper spiritual connection and my reading with Rachael confirmed that it's time to go to the next level of my growth. She was right on! Did I mention how Rachael is absolutely adorable, playful, and warm hearted? -Trish

I recently attended a Soul Sister Gathering this fall and I attended with an open heart and mind, not really knowing what to expect. Opening night there were many activities to welcome us and one of the most interesting was Rachael Maddox's Animal Card Reading.  We introduced ourselves and told a little about our desires for the weekend or even our lives. I felt for not knowing me at all- her insight was profound. I returned back to the hotel to create this image so I would not forget the experience. Thanks, Rachael!  -AJones

Rachael's love for what she does shines through every part of her.  When she did a card reading for me, it was with such love and kindness, especially when my immediate reaction was "Ugh, I was hoping for something really happy'.  She was able to help me see that simply shifting my perspective of how I hold certain things can be such an example of grace in my life.  I always enjoy working with women like Rachael who are strong and confident and show up with such tenderness and playfulness.   - Michele V.

All my love, friends. Journey on. Journey true!

love love love,

PS--Questions? Curiosities? Thrilled gleeful excitement? My door's always open: rachmddx@gmail.com

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