Sunday, March 11, 2012

for the best of the best--an homage

there are friends who leave you speechless
their wordlessness a song bigger than the beauty they sing
their ready eyes a moment's notice away from tears, just when you need them so

who forgive you when you've gone too far
who hold you when you refuse to open to so much pain
who fly out for your birthday, simply because you asked
who don't hold it against you when you can't return the favor
who stay out with you for the adventure that would never happen if you went in

there are friends who you can call back 10 minutes later to say 10 more things
even when they're out of time
even when there's other stuff to do
even when the kids have yet to fall asleep

friends who buy you dresses or chocolate or a nice bottle of red
who you tell your secrets to--who keep your shame at bay
who laugh just a few minutes longer, because we all know we all need the release

yes--there are friends like this
but they are few and far between
and when you find them, you are wise to sing their praises--
to hoot n' holler in just the right tone, any time they need support
to love them in all the ways you know how
because they are beyond worthy, and anything less would be sin

you are wise to write them poems
to sing them hallelujahs
to fill boxes to the brim with so much joy and magic
and keep nothing for yourself because you two--
you are truly, fully, together
and together is everything
nothing is better
together, together 


happy birthday wild & free, jodi. thanks won't ever say it all. i love you, i love you, i love you. wishing you succulence & adventure & peace & discovery during this cosmic trip around the sun!
yours always,

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