Thursday, March 8, 2012

a tree to existence: on loneliness

they think i just go through the motions, emotionless, at peace
but there are days--days and days and days
of dying and dancing and dangling by a tired thread

even we fear the claw, the coming winter,
the winds at night when no one is watching
even we taste the sour scent of rotted skin and flesh
lying lifeless beneath our reach

even we are overwhelmed by our
brightest moments--
our olive greens, our sage and steadfast stance
our giving and giving and giving
that asks for nothing in return

what alive knows not terror?
what living thing fears not the ultimate loss?

who that has died, would not answer Yes!
to all the torture and triumph,
all the wishing it weren't so,
given the chance to cry and shout out--
branches naked and free amidst a quiet sky?


for the trees, and bindu, and me and you and him and her and all the suffering in this wild world.