Friday, March 2, 2012

Radically Open Hearts & The Real Power to Change the World

What if your vision were so big, so holy, that you actually called on 1 billion people to dance in the streets until the violence STOPS?

What if you knew that our capacity for healing and our desire for a new world were actually that strong?

--That we've just been waiting all these years for someone to call us into our power?

I'm dumbfounded and speechless over Eve Ensler--in my opinion, one of the most revolutionary humans on Earth today. No vision is too big. No dream unattainable.

I mean--her life vision is to actually END violence against women, globally.

No half-hearted dreams for this woman. She's TIRED OF WAITING FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO DREAM BIG. She's tired of WAITING for other people to come around about rape and violence in their own sweet (and lagging) time.

She's opened her heart so wide, so fearlessly, so boldly--that she's actually trudging through resistance and doubt--walking right past those voices of "reason" that say it'll never happen; war and rape and violence against women will always be reality.

Those voices of "reason" come from a deeply rooted source of denial--denial over the truth about how ugly and horrendous things have been for women (and men, and all living things). But there's no denial for Eve Ensler.

You can't deny the stories when they're told to you. You can't deny the broken woman standing before you, bullet through her head, genitalia in her hands. You simple cannot deny what you are shown in broad daylight.

This is the gift Eve Ensler has been given: she is shown the ugliest of truths.

But we are all given a gift. It's how we respond that makes us geniuses, or not.

What makes Eve Ensler a genius? What's her bedrock for complete and utter world-shaking instigation?

She has this thing down:
"The challenge of modernity is to live without illusions and without becoming disillusioned." -Antonio Gramsci 
She sees the truth and says "fuck it" in the same breath. Whatever she believes possible, is. She goes for it.

In this case--she insists on a better world for women; a world of peace, embodied.

Watch this video. Watch the glow around Eve as she talks: she knows so much how holy she is, how holy life is, and how much power we really have. She's going for the gold.

Tell me, friends. What would you really go for if you knew that anything were possible? That the world has been waiting and the time is NOW for embodiment?

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