Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bringing Ourselves to the World Situation: Natural, Organic, Real :: Age & Meaning with Julie Daley

I love Julie Daley. This woman is wise love, fierce tenderness, holy gorgeous evolution right before our eyes.

Listen in as Julie highlights her wisdom on the non-conventionality of being a young mom, learning to trust your self and body, gender relations and becoming whole, love and solitude, silence... and so much more.

Mostly, if you want a 9 minute deep breath of earthly divine wisdom, this interview is yours for savoring.

Age & Meaning with Rachael Maddox: Julie Daley from Rachael Maddox on Vimeo.

Deep deep gratitude to you, Julie, for your time, your spirit, your powerful radiant force of love.

PS--For more Age & Meaning interviews, head to the Art page of my site. xoxox

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

From the Shores of my Borderless Heart

I may officially be getting older because I'm actually beginning to approach love discerningly. Let's take this slower, I hear myself saying over and over again, as I shuffle two steps backward, leaning in with my intuition, not my heart. Let's wait a while, see if we actually like each other enough to get all mushy gushy. 

Love is easy. 
Like is picky. 
Communion is holy.

I want all three. So sincerely that I'm happy waiting, casting spells into the wind, dancing into the ground of my truth, peering out from the shores of my borderless heart, to see if that boat that's passing this way is going where I want to go. Letting it get just close enough to know. Not jumping at the first sight of any boat. But trusting that I'm okay, even if I never leave my own land. Instead, I can toss glitter to the wind, bless that dear boat's journey, sing songs to its sails from my shore. But actually stepping foot inside its walls? That's a whole other tale. 

I've had one too many spills amidst roaring waves to simply say "okay" to any shiny ship passing through. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Do It Meaningfully Challenge: 4 Habits to Change Your Life, Our World.

Crazy sages, magic-makers, world-changers, beauty-lovers:

I don't know how else to say it, because this is really how I think of it:

Are you ready to get your soul shit together?

Me. Too.

Join me.

What happens when the world has more people living their magic, their power, their love? Good things. Really good things:

Creative masterpieces, better orgasms, bigger grins, fewer migraines... deep forgiveness, healed injuries, well-deep vitality... raises, resignation letters, revolutionary togetherness...

When we're in our magic, our power, we begin to overflow with loveWe begin to feel the tingling truth of our place in the human family--what we're here to do and give. And we have the knowing, the trust, the power to simply go out and do it, give it.

It's big beautiful work. It's honest-to-god world-changing. Personally satisfying. Sexy as hell. And why I'm offering this challenge to whoever feels called to the movement.

Read on, lovers.


A 30-day challenge to LIVE your meaningful desires, 
by practicing a daily habit to support each core part of you: 
your mind, body, heart & soul.

Inclusive of:

Two 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions.
Daily group emails full of insight, motivation, stories and support.
Community camaraderie through a private Facebook group.
A closing tele-ceremony.

What, continued:

The Do It Meaningfully 30-day challenge will invite you into 4 personally designed daily habits: one for your mind, one for your body, one for your heart and one for your soul.

What's the state of each piece of your being? What do they each really desire? What daily actions would support those deep and honest longings?

We'll work together 1-on-1 to explore these questions powerfully and honestly enough to come up with four habits that are deeply desire-driven and timely for you. Then, in virtual community, we'll embark on a 30-day challenge to live those actions to our best ability.

That's the set-up: 4 parts of your being. 4 centered & true daily habits. Do It Meaningfully for 30 days.

  • Oct 8-18: Your first 1-on-1 session falls within this time frame to get you all centered & set up
  • Oct 21-Nov 19: We dive into our 30-day challenge, and your second 1-on-1 session happens within the 30 days--when you desire it
  • Nov 20: We celebrate wildly


If you're ready to say yes now, scroll down to the bottom of the page, hit the PayPal button for $99. After purchasing the package, you'll receive an e-mail with further instructions for getting all set up.

**Personal and community revolutions are not exclusive or classist in my world. Really. Ever. If you cannot afford the above price tag, please e-mail me. We'll work it out. We're all in this together.

Eye-brow raised but still wanting more info? Read on, soul-sib.

The Ideal Participant

The Do It Meaningfully Challenge is for you if, on a personal level, you've been finding yourself saying over and over again:
  • I'm really ready for my life to change but I just need help following through.
  • I want to do things differently... but for whatever reason I keep skimping out on myself.
  • I want to really immerse myself in x, y, or z... 
  • I don't want to be acting from a place of fear, but from a place of deep desire and passion.
  • I'm sick of white-knuckling my way through a long list of shoulds.
  • I'm ready to do something truly good for myself and the world, but I need the help figuring out HOW, and then committing.

Or if on a global level, you're wondering:
  • Who's going to change the world?
  • Where is our leadership?
  • How will things ever get better?
  • How will we untangle ourselves from this wildly depressing mess?
  • Where's the love? The magic? The healing? The togetherness?

The truth is: we're the ones we've been waiting for. Leadership is needed. The kind that radically commits to becoming the kind of expression we're seeking and craving in the world. It's actually up to us to develop. Through practice. Through courage. Through commitment. Together. Slowly. Honestly. Deeply.

You can act. You can practice staying with yourself and your desire long enough for things to really shift. And it's this--this act of practicing your integrity within a loving supportive community--that has the potential to truly change your life and our world.

My Role as Your Guide

The revolutionary in me wants nothing more than to help us all wake up, walk honestly, with self-love and deep breaths--to come into our most immense love and power--for the sake of our lives, our world, our future as a people and planet. If this world is to change for the better, it will be because the magic and power within us has rumbled and awakened.

I will offer my most sage and real guidance on this journey. I'm practiced in practicing, and honestly imperfect. But committed to staying--to seeing myself and others through the messy middle(s) of change and growth that are unavoidable and their own version of glorious.

There's a tenderness required to commit to change. And also a ruthless self-love that's easy to forget about if someone's not consistently whispering in your ear, "It's okay if you didn't go all the way today... But stay. Stay in the practice. Don't walk out on yourself even if you're not where you want to be." Or, "Push yourself. Really. Today, it won't kill you."

I'll help you find your own inner knowing of where you are each day. I'll encourage you to trust yourself, to honor yourself as your own best teacher. I'll teach you to teach yourself how to love the trying lover inside of you.

I will offer all my love, spouts of humor, lessons learned from past practices, as well as daily insights, as I too work through my own mind, body, heart and soul commitments.

We will be together. 
It will be wild, raw, tender, real.

Time Commitment

Look--it's all about showing up and doing your best with what you've got each day. Sometimes that means doing way less, and breathing through that. Sometimes that means workin' over time because you're feeling so alive. The minimum commitment is about showing up and seeing clearly where you really are each day. Daily awareness. A few minutes of it. It's actually more powerful than it seems. 

On the flip side, I imagine most people will choose daily practices that add up to anywhere between 20 and 60 minutes. Some practices won't be time centered at all, but more integrity centered. For example: 5 minutes in silent meditation per day is clearly a time-centered practice. Adding greens to 2 meals per day, telling the truth, or saying "no" once a day... more about preparation or emotional awareness, rather than time. You can create what you're really craving, desiring, needing right now. That's what this is all about.

Want in?

More Questions?

Shoot 'em my way. rachmddx at gmail dot com.

So much love to you, sage friends. Thanks for reading.