Tuesday, January 31, 2012

what doesn't need an ounce of fixing

there is no real cure to a vulnerability hangover. there are only options of how you choose to be with your hangover: running, screaming, kicking... avoiding, numbing, nursing... laughing, crying, chatting... breathing, breathing, breathing.

i'm currently bouncing back and forth between all these ways of being (and more). i'm totally over-exposed in more ways than even you can see. but i'm lucky enough to have people tell me that this is good. that nothing is wrong here. that it's perfect and powerful, and whatever i think i need is absolutely correct. (it's helpful to receive unconditional positive regard, you know?)

my god sent salvation is that i feel like even in this space of total exposure and massive dream-manifesting, there's still room to play. there's an element of complete "fuck it! why not?!" that's really serving me, so long as i remember to laugh.

playing may be the number one remedy to a vulnerability hangover--a remedy that doesn't cure, but just makes all the "bigness" feel less important. what i know is whenever jen leaps across the floor in her cute sweater dress and five-year-old face, i feel better.

do you think something is happening in the universe that has us all pushing everything out with more umph than we thought we had in us? were we all constipated for most 2011, and now finally getting the relief of a huge, massive, dump?? (or is it just me?)

my next dance video is still a few days away. i just wanted to check in here and speak to the effects of being so "out there". i'm assuring us both that whatever residual feelings may be bubbling to the surface are totally fine. beautiful, even. a sign that real movement and change is happening. just keep playing with it.

bravissimo to us all!

with love, trembling and gratitude,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let Your Baby Grow

Solstice Slumber: long & deep. Sweet dreams, all.
Me resting -hard- during the winter solstice.
Make no mistake. There are times meant for not knowing, for not teaching, for not proving, for having nothing wise or revolutionary to offer. It's really, really true.

There are times meant to be couped up in curiosity, stuck without words, lost for adequate explanations.

Jen Lemen has taught me everything I know about this lesson. She is the master of gestation--of letting things settle in, sit still, stay quiet, until they're actually ready to speak, be born, scream out.

She might tell you (in her incredible jen-like language), if you were worried, anxious, trying to rush a good thing to life:

Let yourself be pregnant with grand ideas, new inventions, beautiful creations, orgasmic explorations. Let yourself sit in the quiet safety of formation for as long as that sweet baby needs. You won't always know the due date in advance, but you better believe you'll feel the water break. You will know when it's time for everything to come out.

Don't worry. Don't rush. When it's time, it's time. If it's not time for that, it's time for this. Everything is as it should be.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

For Dreamers of All Varieties: An Anthem For Saying Yes

Say Yes.

Get up.
Drink up.
Join in.
Sink in. 

Move out.
Move on.
Sit close.
Stand tall.

Breathe full.
Rinse off. 
Speak free.
Start now.

Be it. 
The impossible you you've been waiting for.

Do it. 
That breath-taking task that's been waiting for you.

Know your body. 
Splice the difference between fear and excitement. 

Tell a new story--
That you are thrilled. 
That you are ready. 
That you are going to INSPIRE yourself today
 Just a little.
Just enough.

With one act. 
One step. 
One breath. 
With will.

With kindness.
With humilty.
With gratitude for this impeccable opportunity--
This unimaginable and true 

Say Yes.
We're ready for you.

Dance 2 :: White as Diamonds

Here we have it, loves: dance numba two of the Delicious Body Dance-a-Thon. It's never too late to play along. Feel free :)

This time around, I invited half a party of friends to join in! ~ Thanks, cutie pies. I adore you and your moves.

I can already feel the way that doing more than just one song, but a whole album, will stretch me creatively and physically... spiritually, too. (It's challenging to do new moves to similar-sounding songs). ((My friends and I were chuckling at my recurring "left leg lift" move!)). I'm dancing for at least 20 minutes every day (to whatever song comes up on shuffle!). At this point, if I don't, I feel like screaming. You know how it goes. Right?!

To dancing it all out. And friends at parties that do silly things written on paper scrolls. :-D

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Song 1 :: Dry Grass & Shadows

Friends! Partners-in-expression! Lovahs! ~

Here we have it... The first of many dances in the Delicious Body Dance-a-Thon! To the tune of "Dry Grass & Shadows" by Alela Diane. Track 1 on the album "To Be Still".

I'm having way more fun with this than I ever expected. Feeling expressed, creative, silly, serious, alive, satisfied.

A special, deep, resounding thanks goes out to Jen Lemen for being the ultimate "first follower"; for offering the best kind of creative support any dreamer could ever dream up. And for the constant, enthusiastic Okay! that is as valuable and necessary as water, as sleep, as sex. I love you.

And to Susan, Meg and Leanne for daring to PLAY ALONG! Truly, I cannot wait to see your beautiful expressions! Yes, Yes, YES!

It's not too late to join in. Just pick an album (or 12 songs) that speaks to you these days, turn up the jam & dance! (With the record button ON and a lil post-recording uploading, if you wanna go public). For full details on the experiment, check out the first post. If you decide to play along, be sure to comment / link your site on the magical widget so we can cheer you on!

to dancing & letting it all out,
xo, rach

Friday, January 13, 2012


Dear hip-shakin', body-bustin' and/or barely-groovin' humans,

Thanks for even considering showing up here, in this way, for this... mysterious invitation.

Courage is the power to let go of the familiar. ~Raymond Lindquist

You're officially BRAVE.

The goal of this experiment is to embolden your bravery EVEN MORE. To invite your inner expressive diva OUT. To call you into a place of play and imperfection, grace and/or stumbling, poignant and/or uncontrollable [crazy, silly, off-beat, to-your-own-beat] body moves!


All that said, I'm not an expert dancer, nor am I an expert dance-a-thon facilitator. DANCING ALONE ON VIDEO IS UNFAMILIAR TERRITORY FOR ME. A bit... terrifying. In a good way.

Still, I want to play, I want to go out on a limb, I want to feel the aliveness of expanding my comfort zone. AND... I want playmates, peers, virtual dance partners! The kind of playmates who see this invitation and get butterflies in their stomachs, thinking, holy shit how did she know???

So if that's you, check out the video with the back story of how the idea came about, and a little instruction about where to go from here. Or skip below to the bullet-point details.

The Details, In Summary:
  • WHO: You, baby. You, me & anyone else who wants to play.
  • WHAT: A month-long, 12-song experiment in dancing. Choose your album. Choose your cause. And dance! -- For your body, your expression, your courage muscles. --And, for a cause, something you believe in, a movement you wanna support! Record yourself dancing. Share your expression with us.
  • WHERE: Your kitchen floor, blue bedroom, barren backyard, cool-shadowed shed. Get groovy in a place (or places!) that feel inspiring to you. Then share your experience in your virtual space! Link-love it up below! Tweet with the hashtag #deliciousdance.
  • WHEN: Jan 17, 2012 - Feb 17, 2012. I'll be posting my videos every TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. Film 'em when you want. I suggest spreading them out, dancing each song on a different day. Give yourself permission to do each song in one-take, letting this be a playful practice, not perfection. (Alas, the final decision on editing, or not, is yours! Incite your creative autonomy, and ultimately, do whatever makes you feel alive alive ALIVE.) ((Who knows... I might even break my own rules. It's been known to happen.)
  • WHY: To instigate your body's creative voice. To get your muscles & spirit moving, flexing and stretching at the start of 2012. To be vulnerable and beautiful in community. To play. To let it all OUT via the body. To cleanse. To celebrate our bodies and their wonderful, wondrous capacities!
I can't wait to see what comes of this... Link to your blog below if you plan on joining the grand-masta-experiment in delicious dancing!

For the nervous, intimidated, terrified but leaning in with intrigue:

There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good. -Edwin Denby

All I know is I'm feeling up for the task. If you're feeling motivated to explore this, too, feel free to join. I'll write about my experiences (surely), but won't necessarily be walking people through an emotional process. After all, this is an experiment for me, too! We can learn, explore, discover, uncover...together. Lots of love.

      Thursday, January 12, 2012

      EARTH RHYTHMS + Foresight :: 2012 is going to be EXPLOSIVE

      I'm really f*cking excited for 2012. I've got so many projects and dreams to share with you, invite you into, experience the magic of with you. Like. REALLY.

      Here's a lil sneak peak of what's in store that I can tell you about ::

      is my theme for the year. It's inclusive, holistic, radical, simple, grounded, non-attached, and soulful. And... it moves. Aaaaahhhh! Just the word movement has me moaning in yeses of all shapes and sizes.

      On January 17th I'll be launching a movement-based community project that is nothing short of DELICIOUS. It'll be yummy, voluntary, inspiring, touching and... fun. It'll last one month, ending on my 25th birthday (February 17th). More details coming to ya NEXT TUESDAY so check back in for the full [delectable] scoop!

      Tomorrow I'll be launching a comprehensive outlook on my focal exploration for 2012: Personal, Community & Global Liberation. I'm diving into the questions What is Liberation? and What qualities, practices and structures support it? I'll be expanding my exploration beyond the written word and into the realm of interviews, photography, music and other expressive mediums. Fully vetted, people. That's my goal. (For some past posts on liberation go here and here.)

      I'm off to a really exciting start with my coaching practice. Which thrills me. Because the whole idea of MadLove Coaching is to support incredible people fulfill their [bombtastic] visions for their lives and the world. My practice is totally aligned with my values of liberation, radical honesty, self-expression, intentionality, transformation and completely delicious living. And... I've recently come to realize and embrace that I get a total high from coaching. Good sign that I'm in the right field! Just today one of my clients told me that she can tell this is WAY more than just a job for me. Indeedy-do. It's so true.

      A lot is still unknown. Most glaringly, the question of where we'll be living, and if we'll be moving mid-year. But what I'm working with so far is nothing short of exciting and inspiring. Imma let myself revel in what I got!

      What's on your docket for 2012? What's one decision you could make that would move you closer to fulfilling your vision?

      Here's to kick-starting 2012 with intention and a very alive heart.

      Heeeee Haw Hidey HO!