Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mondo Beyondo 2009!

inspired by Jen Lemen & Andrea Scher's incredible online course, Mondo Beyondo!

i want peace (with myself, my loved ones, my community, the world)
which means that i want listening and reconciliation
i want real effort-full equality
i want to truly practice honoring all living things... i want to work through discovering what this means for me
i want community and togetherness... a village!
i want to be fragile and raw and know that i have back up
i want empowerment and honesty
i want to stop lying about silly things, to stop worrying how i'll be percieved for my imperfections & mistakes and learn how to laugh at myself!
i want to expose my flaws and be okay with them
i want security and stewardship with the earth... i want my grandchildren and their grandchildren to enjoy mother nature... i want to consume as little as possible & repurpose as much as possible
i want patience
i want to be part of a village that raises children
i want to love deeply & openly & enthusiastically like i did when i was 3
i want to not take myself so let myself laugh more be more lighthearted
i want to live in south dakota on the reservation and give all that i have to the Lakota
i want to know what it's like to sing silence, to paint stillness
i want to be completely present in intimacy.
i want cooperative housing at university of maryland to be the best thing since sliced bread...i want to find the perfect starting house and get a million dollar grant... i want to be in the founding group of people who change the corporate landscape of college park to a magical city of authenticity
i want to be part of the coolest arts collective in all of washington dc
i want a garden full of WIND CHIMES and WINE BOTTLE PATHS and UNHINGED DOORS painted incredible colors and vegetables that are LUSH and NOT BORING (ie-not radishes) and YELLOW TULIPS
i want a magical sketch journal that chronicles my life through the images i connect to daily, through what i just had to sketch
i want all the black people and all the white people in washington dc to sit down with each other and to hear each other's stories
i want to feel part of my neighborhood, to form life-long friendships with the people on my block
i want to feel safe where i live
i want to harness my identity as a jewish woman more deeply. not in terms of religion, but in terms of history, culture, and connection to oppression.
i want to go to the columbia heights unitarian/universalist church!
i want to practice non-violent communication and teach it to many people
i want to be my own boss, and earn money facilitating, problem-solving, helping people discover their super-powers, helping people heal... i want this to be in a space that is welcoming and warm
i want to be able to have multiple jobs without burning out
i want to have incredible mentors, and also be an incredible mentor...for the rest of my life
i want a magical cottage where all the amazing women in my life retreat to, where we bring bright blue nail polish and boas and red lipstick and diva cups, where we cry and skip rocks across the river, where we drink red wine and cappuccino, where we share all of our deepest inspiring truths and novels and poems and wisdom and youthfullness
i want to be able to ask for what i need without feeling selfish or guilty
i want to live in a humble home that has awesome windows and magically colored walls
i want to live in a cooperative community for as long as i can stand it :)
i want to love my body more
i want to reconnect to the vitality of my body
i want to start running again
i want capitalism as we know it (corporate oligarchy) to fall & community based economies, bartering & cooperatives to triumph... i want to create alternative economic structures for people to participate in... a different model for people to use when the current one is deemed broken
i want empowering group living opportunities for young adults coming out of foster care, for the elderly people who are still able but lonely, for anyone needing a family
i want to write my grandmothers biography
i want to travel to germany and greece with my see where she spent her life when she was my age
i want to ride my bike across country with brian
i want to ride my bike to jen's 95% of the time
i want money to matter LESS (and i think with all the online mechinisms that trade services and goods, this is beginning to happen more)
i want to add more art to the streets!
i want more bike lanes in dc
i want more affordable quality housing to people traditionally denied ownership opportunities
i want empowerment for those historically made voiceless (i want to help people have the opportunity to tell their own story, themselves)
i want every young person to be encouraged to dream, encouraged to pursue their passions, encouraged to discover their strengths
i want standardized tests to disappear
i want to promote education that encourages curiosity, dissent, ingenuity, innovation, creativity and problem-solving
i want more opportunities for education, world wide
i want to be fearless enough to talk to people on the metro, on the streets
i want to remember to pause more often ... to reconnect to mindfullness
i want guitar sing-alongs in my house all the time
i want a tribe that isn't always dispersed across the country. i want true-blue friendship that's here-and-now
i want contentedness
i want to publish a book comprised of my father's bullet-point, life-lesson e-mails, alongside photos i've taken of him or excavated from his past
i want to know what the settings on my camera are and then master them...i want to shoot awesome photographs and never use a flash!
i want to collaborate with incredibly talented and soulful people
i want to learn mixed media techniques and stretch my painting further... i want to be unafraid to ask for advice
i want to have a hang-out session with joni mitchell, and a personal concert of all my favorite tunes...
i want, one day, to have a really incredible wedding with brian where all of our friends scattered all over the world venture to be with us and celebrate love... i want it to be really inexpensive, but out-of-this-world fun!
i want all of my friends to have the right to legal marriage privileges
i want to camp at the bottom of the grand canyon
in 4 years, i want to have a 5 year reunion in Florence with women i lived there with!!!
i want to develop the skills or know the people with the skills to make all of these things possible!
i want to tell my story about sexual violence so that more women and men feel comfortable telling theirs
i want to give a hug and say thank you to Audre Lorde
i want to leave copies of the essay "The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action" everywhere i go
i want to learn how to fly (really really badly)... or at least have flying dreams more often
i want to let go of comparing myself to others, let go of envy, and embrace respect and admiration
i want to give away most of what i own...cleanse myself of things
i want to maintain a life that feels balanced and healthy.

Let all of this come to me in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and joyous way! Please only bring to me the dreams that are divinely right for me and the best thing for the world…

what mondo beyondo, outlandish, wild & daring dreams are you wishing for these days? be brave and share in the comments below.