Monday, December 19, 2011

What Matters, For Real

the real look in my eyes. today. this moment.

That you are able to see the suffering in others, underneath their defenses and attacks made to shield
That you are able to see the suffering in yourself, underneath your riots of internalized pain
That you are willing to learn the word forgiveness and practice the word acceptance
That you are open to people who love you unconditionally
That you are becoming a person who loves unconditionally

That you are never too old to be surprised, too young to be wise, too tired to be kind
That you give every ounce of your gifts
That you generously receive what is given to you
That you lay in the grass and listen to the wind, because the earth is your mother and losing her is like losing breath
That you are honest

That you believe in people, in humans, in each other
That you do your part
That you honor what you can and cannot do
That you be yourself, all of you, over the top
That you find friends and lovers who love you for you

That you can laugh at the very bottom
That you can cry and the very top
That you can dress yourself in clothes that feel powerful and divine and true
That you are humble in the face of critique or caution  
That you tell the ones you love it's so; today, right now

That you bring everything in you to the table, every time you sit down
That you hold zero judgment about what you're able to bring
That you can say "oh well" and "fuck it" and "I wish"
That you can practice letting go of so much pain and so much suffering

That you are able to see yourself as strong and sweet, even now, even this time, even as your heart hardens and cracks

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Andrew said...

Love love love this Rachael. Beautiful and so true. Thank you for sharing it with us.