Sunday, September 30, 2012

who could ever know why

i like to watch the way things change
like toenails curling
around edges of un-noted strength
blisters getting bigger 
before they shrink back into place
hugging, hard on soft

we need each other
who could ever know why

you might be like a blister on me
or a cloud
changing shape
impossible to catch 
a dragon, a chimney, a dream
something i need

like feet, and history
maybe we could walk together for 
a while
in the back alley
the back yard
tracing birthmarks with fingers
naming the shapes like clouds
wondering how we ended up 
bare backs on the ground
leaning into the sky
like always

it's changing again
the way my hand feels 
cozying your love handle
and i like not knowing what to call
the wild pull
that gusts through my body like a wind bowl

everyone wearing goggles
eyes open
somehow able to see
the sun flickering 
through terror drops landing 

my brain weighs the weight of 
like a thumping load 
with no good destination

your face tells me a secret
i can't hear in words
so i listen my ear into your chest:

enough thumping loads
to tell all the clouds bedtime stories

i'm not sure who's whispering
but i'm sticking around
to find out

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