Monday, April 15, 2013

Complete and Perfectly Whole

Maybe you can just play this time around... fulfill your duties, but not worry so much about hoity-toity accomplishments. 

Maybe you've earned a rest, from further back than you can assess in the recesses of your mind. 

Maybe you're meant for a different kind of living: taking it slow when you're tired and fast when freedom's bursting from your being. Marveling like a baby when someone's spirit catches yours. Or crying when you have bodily needs that are clearly being ignored. 

Maybe the hectic nag of your ego can go for a walk down the street to the café. Maybe she can stay for hours longer than she should, shoulder to shoulder with other youngsters dressed up like adults, afraid that they, too, have not created enough to do in this world, this life, this stuffy city of busy busy busy. 

Maybe, together, you can talk some forgiveness into each other. You can learn how to not apologize for the particular shape or size of your energy. 

Maybe you can begin to trust that you really are enough. That nothing matters more than making peace with your unique core in this wildly diverse world. That you don't need to be at war with yourself. That you can simply sink in, begin believing that you wouldn't have arrived in this way on this day if some other calling needed or wanted you more. 

Maybe you can love yourself--I mean really, really love yourself--as you are, as you truly long to be, underneath all that false need to prove yourself as someone worthwhile. 

Maybe you can learn to know that deep in the center of your soul rests only goodness, only wonder, only the very best material of all. And it needs no one's approval or permission to exist. It needs no improvements, there are no requirements on it. It is just what it is: a magical mystery of dusty delight, not something to fight, but a miracle. 

Maybe you can begin to see yourself as complete and perfectly whole.

a big thank you to philip and hope for letting your inner-kids out to play with mine. i'm so grateful for you both in this life. 

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