Monday, November 18, 2013

Coming Out

Cosmic 25 by Rachael Maddox -- Chapter 2 : Coming Out from Rachael Maddox on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rach. I'll send you an email later when I can come back to this. Love your bravery, boldness and vulnerability, girl.


Leah said...

Hi Rachael,

Here is my 'coming out' :

Thank you for your inspirational boldness.

xo Leah

Catherine Jennings said...

You are awesome!!!

I have been thinking so hard about my magic, my power my deep love, some similar to your own others is mine:
- My Creativity. A fantastic gift of making, which I love to use to cook food, food for family, food for friends, food for strangers, I spread my love through sharing of good food.
- Counsellor. I love to listen, to nod, to 'hmmm', to frown, to squeeze an arm, to give a huge hug, to wipe tears, to make tea, I give my love through listening and many people know this and do actively seek me out to chat.
- Mover. Dancing and moving and bouncing and climbing and playing, I just love to move to test the strength in myself, this gets me into some amazing places, namely climbing trees or buildings and also I get to dance with many people, it is wonderful!
- Life Warrior. Maybe not quite the right name for this but with my calm, confidence, courage and strength I am stepping up and facing life and all the battles that come my way.