Saturday, August 13, 2011

To Roll In On Your Last Drop of Fuel

It's a magical act. One that takes heaps of faith and even more heaps of complete surrender. If I never get there, I'll get somewhere else. The Universe will send help if I really need it. I'll make it if I'm meant to.

In time, you will get impressively good at letting go of how things should be. In the process, you will learn that there is absolutely nothing gratifying in pretending to be or feel anything but sincere. This is exhausting at first because you're not used to being so true, but it quickly becomes you're biggest energy save of all. Soon, people start to see the unfiltered you. You begin attracting connections you've longed for all these years. Even the people you thought had no eyes for seeing, are reflecting the most honest of sights. Soon, you are called to step into your vision by those you most admire. And you are received in fullness...unbelievably so, after so much time chugging along, wondering if anyone wanted what you had to give. Wondering if you'd ever really see what you were made of.

Soon enough, you will arrive where your people have been waiting with balloons and watermelon and songs from the soul of the earth. You will lie on cool ground under a blanket of clouds and stars, and you will listen as the crickets cheer and grasses clap. Every bit of your journey has mattered, they say. Nothing has happened in vein. The moon will hold your heart like no lover ever could. And you will know that every lonely night of longing was leading to this deep celebration.

For jl, jb, dr & tg. Everything you long for is on its sweet way.


Mahra said...

Beautiful. Thank you. Just beautiful.

Brandon said...

Wow. Just wow.

You can't imagine how much this means to me right now. I'm speechless.

Thank you!