Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Tough-Love Letter Template for the Changing Tides

Look--I'm a process girl. I believe in being with every shade of emotion that's out there, and letting the "bad" ones live for as long as they need. But sometimes, they've lived their lifecycle, and it's time for a change. The dog days need to be over. Your funk has rotted. It's time to compost it, let it grow into something new.

You know it's time when your stories, longings, resentments or fears sound so played out that you want to throw your brain out the window so you don't have to hear yourself say, "I guess this will eventually pass" ONE. MORE. TIME. Eventually has arrived.

(If you're reading this thinking... I don't think it's time yet, head HERE for some encouragement around tenderness).

It's possible that the get-real urgency is cosmic. Mercury's out of retrograde and the second lunar eclipse of the year is tomorrow. People are ready to dive into something new, to get the wheels turning on a new road, to make distance.

So, if you're one of those people (like I am these days!) who just can't stand the same old spot any longer, perhaps it's time for a Tough-Love letter. Sweet and Supportive did her job. (Thank you, darling). It's time to light a fire under your ass. Today.

Here's a template for the ready-spirit. I came up with it last night for myself. It's coachy... and really helpful. ;)

Tomorrow, you can stop back in for a gratitude letter template to the you you're growing out of.


Dear [Name],

This is a tough love letter. I'm only writing it because I believe in you and your deepest health and happiness so fully, and I know, plain and simple, you could use a kick in the ass right now.

The truth is, the time for ______ is over. No more dragging your feet. It's time for ______. Like really.

Yes, ______ and ______ were important because ______, but now, you're ready for ______.

So if you want it, get serious about the shit that's in the way.

If you want to feel ______ you're going to have to stop ______. Plain and fucking simple. Instead, ______.
If you want ______ quit ______ already! Start ______.
If you want ______ then stop ______. ______, instead.

[Repeat variations of the above sentences as many times as needed. With as many "come on all-fucking-ready"s as feels sincere.]

You CAN ______.
You can also ______.
And in case those fall through, you can always ______.
Whatever it takes for ______. Because it's fucking time. You can't ______ anymore. You just CAN'T.

If you keep going down that old road of ______, ______, and ______, you'll probably end up ______.

The truth is, you're meant for ______!!!!

Own your part in this process. DO your part. You've waited long enough. You've paid your dues. It's time. It's simply time.

I dare you to ______.

Crazy love & steadfast belief,
Your inner tough-love mama


Alright, sages. Let's do this! Feel free to post your letter on your blog and link back in the comments, or shoot them my way via e-mail. I'd love to see 'em!



Lost A Sock said...

Hi Rachael, I've never commented before, but I just wanted to take a moment to say You Rock!! This is just what I needed today. Thanks!

kario said...

I love that I can get all "coachy" with myself and use profanity! Some people don't understand why it's helpful to swear, but I appreciate that you do ;-). Thanks for this. I'm totally using it.

Kerilyn said...

Hiya Rachael - Found your template via the lovelies at Hopeful World.

Here is my letter to myself.


PS: I too love that I can get all "coachy" with myuself and use profanity!!

Kyra said...

Thanks, Rachael! I'm in! This was so very needed.