Thursday, November 29, 2012

Creating Closure: Letters from Past Lovers, Written by... You.

(I've decided this is possible. In an infinite inside, out kinda way.)

Alright sweethearts,

Anyone else been on a crash course in dating? I've effectively fallen in lust/love with three people in the past six months. Let's not discuss my rounds on OK Cupid. Maybe, like my dad said on the phone this morning, Loneliness is some stroooong shit. The VOID... It's rough! 

I'm playing up the full moon lunar eclipse in my life, letting it ritualize the end of this 6 month exploration in rebound romance, and the beginning of a life-long love affair with my incredible, brilliant and beautiful self. YUP.

So. I needed to get out my goodbyes. We all know though that sometimes, even if you knock on the door of the past to make peace, no one answers. Sometimes, closure's up to you.

This is for you, if you want to move on with the sweet, tender, sad, holy truth as your most trusted companion:

A letter template for Creating Closure

Instructions: This is more an exercise in channeling, since you're not technically the narrator of this tale. Close your eyes for a moment and meditate on the person's energy and truth. Not what you want their energy or truth to be, but what's really there when you strip away your desires.

This person has something honest to tell you. About how they feel. About how they see you. About what they wish for you. About what they can and cannot offer. Listen up, love. Let the truth spill forth. There's freedom in it. And a lot of times, if you never listen close, you don't hear it. In the unspoken spaces, your rambling mind creates myths and mayhem that keep you in a holding pattern. It's not time for that, anymore. It's time to rest in the truth, and let it all wash out in the rain.

Dear [your name], 

Here's the truth I know you need to hear in order to move on: _______________. 
What I really have to offer is ______________. What I really can't offer is _____________.
What I really wish for you is ______________. 
I haven't had the courage to tell you ______________. 
But I think the reason why I showed up in your life is to help you learn _______________. 
I wish you all the best. Really. Truly. You deserve ______________. 
[their name] 

Here's the trick! You don't have to like what their letter says! Also, you don't have to follow this template. I wrote 5 letters to myself. One of them was two sentences. 'Cause the truth is, that guy was a minimalist. Also--your letter can be from a whole slew of people. One of mine is from "the lost boys & girls". (Boy, did they have a lot to teach me!!!)

Alright, loves. Go forth. Give yourself the moments of truth you haven't been able to get. Close the doors that need closing. It's in your power.

With all of these templates, only do them if they speak to you. There's no rush. No pressure. Be natural. It might not be time.


PS--This is the kind of template we might create if we work together in a coaching setting. Except personalized and tailored to your immediate situation. Hop over here to learn more.

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Kerilyn said...

Hiya Rachael. I've only recently been swimming in your world (like a week ago to be honest) and I already want to say I loves what you're doing. These (fill in the blank) letters are EXACTLY what so many of us need to push us toward facing our fears.

You rock. Just wanted you to know.